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Kilometers Traveled: 105,897

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For our global ride, Erin and I have each chosen to ride the 2007 BMW F650GS Dakar, which comes equipped with a fuel injected, dual spark single cylinder 650cc Rotax engine. The F650GS is world renowned for its reliability and its exceptional fuel economy. However, Dakar models also come equipped with a 21” front rim, as apposed to the 19” front rim on the standard F650GS. The larger rim size is a must as it can ease the impact when riding through rough terrain, therefore avoiding a possible bent rim.

Due to the length and route of our travels through remote areas, it is imperative that we carry spare parts for both regular maintenance and emergencies. Riding as a team with identical motorcycles gives us the advantage of dividing up spare parts between the bikes, alleviating concerns of “too much weight”. The sharing of our camping gear and tools also leaves us more room to pack parts that some solo riders may have to sacrifice. Diagnosing a problem with a bike on the side of the road can be very difficult, but having an identical functioning bike for troubleshooting can make finding the problem a lot easier.    

When traveling for long lengths of time, money is always an issue, so to keep this adventure on budget we decided to purchase used motorcycles. Our main concern was finding bikes that held low kilometers, and we were very pleased after purchasing Erin’s bike with only 9500 kms. Although many people say that the F650GS stock is capable of a global ride, we felt there were some accessories necessary to our success. We based the accessories chosen off safety, prolonging the life of the motorcycle, and riding position. We were able to saves thousands of dollars by purchasing used motorcycles. Even after outfitting both bikes with all there accessories and luggage, each bike cost less than that of a brand new one.

Accessories list and updates photos coming soon!



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