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Kilometers Traveled: 105,897

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About Us

Erin and I are fun, optimistic people with a sense of humor towards life. We love the outdoors and will break just about any plans for a chance to go camping. In January 2010 I proposed the idea of riding motorcycles around the would. With both of us having a sense of adventure and a previous want to travel, a plan was set in place. A plan that eliminated the common excuses like; "We don't have enough money." "We don't have the time." "What about our jobs?" "What about our house and the life we have here?". With a plan in place and our departure date set for June 4th, 2011, we are determined to be as ready as we can when that day comes. Now, we have dedicated our lives to achieving our goal of a global motorcycle adventure.


Coburn Black

Born: 22/04/1985

Height: 6'

Truck driver by day and tattoo artist by night.
Besides the obvious love for camping and motorcycles Coburn enjoys many hobbies. Fishing, golfing, running, drinking(if that's a hobby), wood slaying*, building just about anything and playing guitar.  

Erin Black

Born: 02/12/1982

Height: 5'7"

Erin has a career as an office manager in charge of purchasing and sales. She joins her husband in her love of camping and motorcycles as well as other hobbies that include: fishing, golfing, reading and cuddling neighbourhood dogs.

We would love the chance to meet you all on the road and share stories and beers around a campfire. Until that day comes we hope the video below will share with you a little bit about us.


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